About Us

I am the founder of the Accelerated Education Academy and the Accelerated SAT Mastery online course with coaching. I’ve always believed in the value of education.  I personally completed 14 years of post high school education across four degrees, at several of the top public and private universities in the United States and abroad.  I’ve taught many levels in school, including elementary school, middle school, high school, adult education, community college, and undergraduate college. Outside of the classroom over the past 22 years I have tutored over 7000 students, making me the most experienced hands-on SAT coach in the US.

I bring a special awareness to the experiences of high school education and college admissions.  I struggled in high school and got very little guidance for college.  I figured how to succeed with the support of a few very good teachers, but also very much on my own.  I have always been a curious person but it was not until I personally made the decision to go for it in school, despite my internal and external obstacles, that I was able to really understand how to learn, manage my time, and achieved what I pursued.

Over the years I have developed a detailed understanding of exactly what kids go through in high school and what they need to succeed at to get into college. I love to learn, teach, and laugh, but I take my work very seriously.

I bring compassion and understanding to every lesson I have with teens, knowing that high school itself and college admissions can be tough and confusing, and it can be hard for teens to stay focused on the bigger picture.  College is worth it.  I loved it and the doors it opened to me in my life.

I want your son or daughter to have access to the same kind of transformational experience and opportunities.  I strive to inspire all my students to love learning, reach their potential, and lead others by example.  My personal mission is to help the children entrusted to me to connect with their own brilliance, to flourish, and to ultimately impact the world in diverse and wonderful ways.

The Accelerated SAT Mastery team is dedicated to ensuring that your teen has the best possible experience in the course. Every week we promote their engagement in the course in numerous ways. The course itself provides opportunities for teens to integrate their learning with time management skills, set weekly intentions, and improve their study skills, and we reinforce this at every point of engagement, whether in live group coaching calls, office hours, individual coaching calls, or by email.

In addition we want you to be updated on your teens progress. We track student progress along the way. We reach out to parents two to three times during the course to ensure parents know how kids are progressing. We also provide parents with proven techniques to support their teens, and advice on when to step back and let their kids own the prep.