How It Works

A NEW Way to Prep for The SAT

The Accelerated SAT Mastery system allows your teen to learn at their own pace and continue to review each section until they feel comfortable with the material.

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1Discover everything you get with the Accelerated SAT Mastery Online Course with Coaching on this site and enroll your son or daughter with just a few clicks.  Your child will receive an email spelling out exactly how to get started.  He or she will create an account and can begin online study immediately.


2 Office hours and weekly group accountability calls begin for each group of new enrollees every week, so your teen will have a community of other students with whom they will move through the online course. We track every student to ensure they get sufficient encouragement and reminders to keep moving through the course. You get updated as well.
3After 6 weeks your son or daughter will know the fundamentals of SAT Mastery and be ready to sit for the SAT.