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What’s included with the Accelerated SAT Mastery
This system is a comprehensive course for teaching the fundamentals of SAT Mastery. My Accelerated SAT Mastery program is the fastest and most impactful SAT prep program available online or offline in the real world. It combines the best of everything your teen needs to succeed on the SATs and reach his or her maximum score.
I teach:

  • Mastery of the Content and Reasoning Process for all sections on the SAT
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

In addition I provide coaching, support, and engagement strategies to ensure students get maximum value from the course. Our easy, flexible logistics allow students to complete the course on their own time within six months, using any tablet or computer with an internet connection.   For more details click here.

Is this program for the Current SAT for the new SAT coming out in March of 2016?
Our program will be revised and updated in January of 2016 to prep students for the revised SAT to be released in March of 2016.
How long will I have to complete the course?
You will have 6 months to complete the online course.  Coaching is included for the first six weeks, and we strongly recommended that students complete the course in that time to maintain focus.
Is it possible to try it out?
By signing up you will have three days to evaluate the program, and if you decide it’s not for you just let us know and we will promptly refund your purchase price. Student results vary according to each student’s time invested, study skills, commitment, and innate skill. While one cannot buy SAT scores, this course provides the fundamentals of SAT mastery. Some students who complete this course do choose to supplement their SAT prep with additional individual coaching.
How quickly can I expect results?
Most students see significant improvements between their first and second diagnostic tests. This course is designed to be both structured and self-paced.  The core strategies are taught in the first five modules.  These are reinforced and reviewed again in the sixth module.   Upon completion of the course students will be directed to additional study to fully integrate and master the material.  Every student is different, but most students do appreciate having additional time to prepare, so it helps to start as early as possible, and have time to practice skills on additional practice tests.  Some students do as many as 10 additional practice tests to refine their skills and reach their personal maximums.  It’s better to start early.
Does Your SAT System Cover All Three Sections of the SAT?
Yes.  It covers the Math, Writing, and Critical Reading portions of the SAT, as well as the essay in depth.  Students can do a light review or a deep review of any section depending on their personal needs and interests.
Does your program provide practice tests?
There are three published full-length tests included in the course.   Upon course completion students will be shown how they can practice on many additional exams.
What books do I need to for the Accelerated SAT Mastery course?

You don’t need any books for the course as all the materials are provided.  Students who complete this course may buy a book from the college board with 10 additional practice exams.

Are parents updated on their child's progress in the course?

Yes. Parents will receive several updates as their kids progress through the course. In addition parents will get video tips emailed to them as their kids proceed through the course with helpful suggestions for how best to support their kids.

When should my child start prepping? Is my child too young to start?
Your child should start prepping for the SAT as soon as possible.  Students that begin early tend to do much better.  I have personally taught quite a few students who began in 8th grade who eventually scored in the top 99% of the country.  It helps them in school as well, builds their confidence, and takes pressure off the higher stakes academics from 10th through 12th grade.
My child has a learning disability. Will this program work for him/her?

Yes it will.   This system is very adaptable for students to proceed at their own pace, pausing and repeating lessons as often as needed, and even speeding up or slowing down individual lessons, and helping them to stay motivated.  I give special attention in this course to managing and even overcoming test anxiety.  For learning disabilities, one of the most important things to do is obtain a special accommodation, which usually means your teen will have 50% additional time on the test, which makes a huge difference on test day.  The college board has a very specific qualification process for this which takes additional time, so start early if you are seeking this accommodation.

My child is very advanced. Will your system work for him/her?
Yes. This system to designed to work with students of all levels. We show them them how to customize the course to fit their individual needs, whether that’s math, grammar, writing skills, critical reading, or sentence completion/vocabulary–or all of these.  By customizing the course, each student can advance in the fastest and most efficient way possible, rapidly whittling down the areas of confusion. The course is designed to move quickly towards integration and mastery.
Can I retake the Accelerated SAT Mastery course if I want?
Yes, students may revisit any part of the Accelerated SAT Mastery online course for a full six month period.  The office hours and group coaching are available for the first six weeks of enrollment, and we urge students to complete the course in that time.  Students who compete the course in less than six weeks will have more time to focus on practice tests and improve their integration.
What do I do if I want to take the ACT? Will your system help me with that?

Most students generally should take both the SAT and the ACT though once you have hit your target score, then you really are done, since there is a direct conversion scale between the two tests.  Keep in mind that the SAT and ACT do factor into the decision for merit based scholarships with many schools and foundations.  Almost every school in the US accepts both, and very few schools prefer one over the other.  This system will prepare you for the SAT primarily but there are some transferable skills.  Most students who do additional prep for the ACTs do it as a supplement, modifying and tweaking what they learned for the SAT for the ACT.   For more information click here.  In the Fall of 2015 a supplemental ACT course is scheduled for release.

Which is better, the SAT OR ACT?
I generally recommend you do both tests. Prepping for the second exam…
Can the SAT help me if I did poorly in school?
The simple answer for that is, yes. While most schools consider your overall schools look at a student’s your overall trajectory in school so they look primarily grades from sophomore year, junior year, and half of the senior year. However, colleges use the SAT as an additional reference point, since some schools are easier or harder than others. For this reason the SAT often carries considerable weight in the application for admission; in some cases it is weighed as much as all of the grades from high school combined. So if you did poorly in school then the SAT provides an opportunity to tilt the scale in your favor with the least amount of effort.
How can I dramatically raise my score with the least amount of work?
Make sure you get the easy points on the test. The questions are for the most part in the order of increasing difficulty. Hard questions are not worth more points–they are just harder! Teens should aim to collect as many points as possible and not waste valuable time on problems that are unlikely to yield additional points. I cover this in more specific detail in the course.
How long does it take? The test? The prep?

The test itself takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes and that’s including one section that actually doesn’t count towards your score. The time which takes the longest is not the actual test. It’s actually the prep time. Some students will only need 12 hours of prep time while some may require up to 40 to 50 hours.

When should I study for it?

Generally speaking, I would say you should start studying as soon as possible.

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