Are you wondering if your teen is really on track for college?

Are you tired of nagging your child to own responsibility
for their SAT prep and get on with it?

Are you fed up with wasting your time, energy, and money on SAT prep classes and books that yield almost no result?

My name is Daniel Herzberg, and I’m the founder of the Accelerated Education Academy and the Accelerated SAT Mastery System.

I’ve helped over 7000 teens get into top colleges for over 22 years and I’d like to talk with you about some very important things you need to know about how to help your son or daughter get into college.

Let’s face it. The college admissions process is for many parents a giant and often bewildering puzzle.

My goal is make the process clear and manageable, and enable your son or daughter to attend the best possible school of his or her choice.


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How is Accelerated SAT Mastery different?
  • Practice on Real SAT Exams
  • Comprehensive Expert Instruction
  • Best Integration of Online and Live Instruction Available
  • Tailored Instruction to the Test Prep Needs of Every Student
  • Maximum Engagement of Every Student

thumbnailI care because of what I’ve been through personally. I have dedicated most of my life towards teaching and coaching others. Everything I’ve done in my life has continued to bring me back to helping teens. I’ve actually been tutoring most of my life–since I was 8. When I was a teenager I didn’t have anyone to show me the way to succeed in school, get into a top university, and succeed when I got there. I figured it out on my own as I went along. Tutoring was a constant theme as I went through school. I taught all the way through some of the top universities and graduated, after paying my way through four degrees over fourteen years, with no debt.

I want to help teens during their pivotal high school years to emerge with a clear vision forward to navigate the opportunities that will open up for them with a solid college education. I want to help teens prevent unnecessary pain through trial and error, sooner rather than later, because I know what a difference those years can make in terms of life decisions and opportunities. The college admissions climate is so different than it was when we went to college. We took the SAT once or twice, perhaps referring to a review book if we were particularly diligent.  That’s all anybody did, even at top private schools.

Now, with so many students vying for so few spots, things are completely different, and SAT preparation is the new normal. It’s easy for parents to become overwhelmed. Some parents think the best thing is to just let their kids take it cold and see how they do. In the process they sacrifice important test dates and valuable test prep time, putting their kids at a disadvantage in the college admissions process. Also, in addition to the many new academic and extracurricular demands, there are too many test prep companies happy to take your money to enroll your child in SAT prep classes and send your kids home with a bag of books–but often little more. Prep companies know that you, as a parent, will never attend the class, and never really know what’s going on in the class (and probably don’t want to). They know you’ll just pay, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

In this context, it’s important to recognize that buying test prep does not guarantee success, and obviously you can’t simply buy test scores. You also have to be aware of the minefield out there of partial and inefficient solutions–or even outright scams. There are a lot of prep programs out there that use inferior materials, with poorly trained teachers who teach out of a manual, in inflexible and undifferentiated classes, and that have little regard or attention for your particular teen’s individual situation or needs.

Some programs give the appearance of challenging kids by simply overwhelming them with material, like wasting your teen’s time with having them to memorize hundreds or even thousands of unnecessary vocabulary words. Many popular and big name test companies even make up their own exams to teach students, who then go in and are surprised and confused to find out that the exam they studied for is not the one being tested. They “guarantee” that if kids don’t get even a modest improvement they will even let those students waste their time and repeat the same failed class, at the same lumbering pace. The cost of running these SAT prep classes with poorly trained instructors is so low, budget prep companies can afford to do that.

“More is not better. And you can’t afford to waste your money or your kid’s time. Not with so much on the line. The SAT is a very particular test and it’s critical in any SAT prep classes to practice only on real published exams directly from the College Board regardless whether you engage SAT prep online, live tutoring, or live SAT prep classes.”

SAT Program Details

* Unlike almost all others SAT prep programs Accelerated SAT Mastery only teaches students on real published exams.

Not only that, many teens get overwhelmed, have test anxiety, and have other pressures that get in the way of them giving their full attention to test prep. Any program that fails to address this will lose many, if not most students. Parents will never know, and in their confusion, conclude their kids are lazy, self-sabotaging, or worse, incapable. That being said, test prep can be worthwhile on many levels. It can provide teens a leg up in the admissions process, help them correct for deficiencies in their academic education, and help them prepare to really thrive in college. It can help them prepare for the sink-or-swim mindset they will face at most colleges.

In addition, since the SAT isn’t required to graduate high school, I look at the SAT as a crucial modern rite of passage, one that depends on your teen taking the initiative to step fully into the decision to go to college. Limp and half-hearted attempts at SAT preparation will be remembered and potentially impact their lives for years. When students send their applications off to college they are showing colleges the best they could do by the application deadline. They get one shot. Then they wait. I have found over the past 22 years, working with over 7000 students, that test preparation can be tremendously worthwhile.  If you put your faith in Accelerated, we will help your child reach his or her personal best score.

We start fresh with each student regardless of their background.  After assessing your child’s baseline test scores and goals, we guide them through a dynamic, customizable, and challenging curriculum.  We help them create an individualized, detailed game plan that includes regular opportunities for you and your child to monitor progress, making sure they are maximizing possible success, while providing any remedial instruction necessary. You and your child will have expert guidance and updates throughout the process.

Overall, our individualized approach is all about building skills, increasing confidence, and reducing stress. We emphasize the importance of balancing school, homework, extracurriculars, free time, and sleep. We make sure parents also know how they can help, and when to step back. On the day of the test, your child will be ready to do his or her personal best, able to go in on test day with a sense of predictability, ready and confident to test at their personal maximum score. Realistically, that ceiling varies for every student, but they will know theirs and that makes all the difference.

This Accelerated SAT Mastery program is the fastest and most impactful SAT prep program available.

It combines the best SAT prep online with everything
your teen needs to succeed on the SATs
and reach his or her maximum score.

Mastery of the Content and
Reasoning Process

  • Expert and comprehensive instruction on the content tested on the SAT, including the math, grammar, critical reading passages, vocabulary, and essay sections.
  • Specific instruction on the SAT reasoning process–it’s different than what they learn formally in school.
  • Practice and instruction on two real published exams, with every single problem and every element of the tests laid bare and explained. With this knowledge they will have what they need to perform on test day.
  • Secret techniques to rapidly increase the SAT score with the least amount of effort.
  • Core concepts essential to SAT mastery that are not taught directly in school.
  • The secret to boosting vocabulary with the least amount of work.

Time Management and
Stress Management

  • Comprehensive time management strategies necessary to maximize your teen’s score.
  • Essential resources to develop your teen’s knowledge, skills, and confidence.
  • Instruction and coaching to overcome test anxiety and sit comfortably and confidently for the test.
  • Practical advice for managing the real day to day stressors that affect how teens manage their time and get motivated.
  • Long term, short term, and day to day time management training so you can step out of the role of “Nag,” and get back to supporting, loving, and enjoying your teen before they go off to college.

Coaching, Support, and Engagement

  • Weekly office hours to have questions answered directly by me, your Accelerated SAT Master Coach.
  • Dedicated accountability coaching and support for your teen’s commitment as they move through the course, so they feel seen, heard, and understood. Your coach will provide caring and support, and a gentle kick in the butt if your son or daughter starts to procrastinate. We want every student to feel coached and supported to follow through on their commitment to complete SAT prep.
  • Coaching to help expand your teen’s personal vision of his or her potential, seeing themselves in college, graduating from college, and beyond.
  • Numerous online and real world engagement strategies to ensure your teen gets maximum value in their SAT prep, while having fun too.

Easy Logistics

  • Scheduling flexibility so your teen can complete the course at a time that works for them. The Accelerated SAT Mastery course can be completed on any tablet or PC with an internet connection. Students will be able to accelerate or slow down the course as they choose, customizing the pace of instruction for maximum learning.

What you get in the Accelerated SAT Mastery Program
Top Quality Instruction from America's SAT Master Coach
  • 40+ hours of expert instruction and coaching from Daniel Herzberg, the most experienced SAT prep instructor in the US, who has taught over 7000 students over the past 22 years.
  • Three full length published exams, including pre-course, mid-course, and post-course exams to evaluate progress.
  • Comprehensive solutions to every problem on two full length SAT exams, with every single element of the test laid bare and explained in SAT prep classes.
  • SAT specific strategy and reasoning process explained for every single problem type.
  • Optimized SAT vocabulary development activities.

Comprehensive Instruction to Suit Every Student's Needs
  • SAT Math content and strategy instruction.
  • SAT Essay writing workshop.
  • SAT Grammar content and strategy instruction.
  • SAT Critical Reading content and strategy instruction.
  • Comprehensive time management strategy necessary to maximize your teen’s score.

Accountability Coaching, Support, and Engagement
  • Coaching and guidance for your teen to step up and assume personal responsibility for college admissions.
  • Help for them to own the prep process with our proprietary Accelerated SAT Mastery discovery survey.
  • Help for them to manage their time week to week with our Accelerated SAT Mastery intention tracker.
  • Together we track and encourage their progress with a course progress checklist, providing them immediate validation as they are making incremental progress towards mastery. It also us helps us to monitor and encourage their progress and development throughout the course.
  • Reminders to keep moving forward in case we notice that your teen has procrastinated or stalled out on a particular section.

Coaching for Success
  • Advice and resources for time management and prioritizing. We are dedicated to ensuring that they have a low stress experience (as much as possible), and practice good life habits. Balancing school homework, extracurriculars, sleep, exercise, and nutrition is crucial to success. We are keenly aware that stress tends to correlate with decreased testing results, and want to support them in reducing their stress. It comes down to self-management.
  • Advice and coaching on asserting their priorities, including managing difficult conversations with coaches, leadership teachers, tutors, and other adults, who may steer them to put their activities ahead of college prep work.
  • 6 Weekly subject specific group office hours to ask questions directly to Daniel Herzberg.
  • 6 Weekly group accountability coaching calls to support their commitment to complete SAT prep. Your dedicated accountability coach will check on your teen as they move through the course, so they feel seen, heard, and understood. Your coach will provide caring and support, and a gentle kick in the butt if your son or daughter starts to procrastinate.
  • 2-3 individual reach out calls to your teen as they go through the course to ensure he or she is engaged and making progress through the course.

Make the Connection to College and Beyond
  • 2 updates to parents with progress as your child proceeds through the course
  • Essential resources and life lessons to develop your teen’s knowledge, skills, and confidence with testing and how to overcome test anxiety.
  • A course specifically designed with respect to their limited time and packed schedules. It provides the teen both structure to move forward and flexibility to schedule studying in a way that works best for them. No need to wrap around a rigid schedule or even leave home. All your teen needs is an internet connection and they are ready to go.
  • Coaching with a critical understanding of the real day to day stressors that affect how teens manage their time and get motivated.
  • Engagement strategies to ensure your teen gets maximum value in their SAT prep, and achieves their maximum value with fun, as little pain as possible, and even some personal growth experiences along the way.

Time Management Coaching
  • Long term, short term, and day to day time management training so you can step out of the role of “nag,” and get back to supporting and loving your teen before they go off to college.
  • Support and encouragement at every step of the way from Daniel Herzberg and the coaching staff as your teen goes through the course.
  • Online and interactive coaching to help expand their own personal vision of their potential, seeing themselves succeeding in high school, applying to college successfully, getting accepted to college, thriving in college, graduating from college, and beyond.
  • Straight, no BS guidance about what actually goes into the college admissions process–what really matters–so you can be sure your son or daughter is ready and able to get into the school of their choice. Find out what your school’s college counselor is not telling them about what they need to get where they want to go.
  • Secret insider tips on how to tilt the scale in your favor in college admissions, even if your child hasn’t done as well in school as they needed.

Insider Tips to Show up Strong on Test Day
  • Secret techniques to rapidly increase the SAT score with the least amount of effort.
  • Instruction and coaching to overcome test anxiety and sit comfortably and confidently for the test. Test should be a fairly predictable experience, feeling boring, easy, or even fun. (It is really one big collection of puzzles!)


Here’s what just a few former students have said about
the Accelerated SAT Mastery system:

Darian Surratt
With your help I was able to attain an SAT score in the top 1% and was offered full scholarships to both Brown and Dartmouth.

~Darian Surratt, Brown, Class of 2016

With your help I raised my scores 620 points, which helped me get into my #1 pick for architectural engineering. You helped me also gain the skills and confidence to move across the US and attend college far from my family. Thanks for everything.

~Robert Bernal, Pennsylvania State University, Class of 2017

lindsey wilk1
Working with you helped me change my sense of what I could achieve.  When we started I assumed I would go to a local state university because I was such a lousy test taker.  Six months later I had to choose between UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley.  That was a nice “problem” to have!  Thanks again!

~Lindsey Wilk, UC Santa Barbara, Class of 2011

Liliana Costanza
Before we started I hoped, but was doubtful, I would raise my scores 100 points. With your expert coaching, I raised my scores 420 points, and got into 8 of 11 schools I applied to. I’m glad I found someone I could really trust to teach me to master the material and test to my personal ceiling.

~Liliana Costanza, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Honors College, Class of 2016

Jordan Ewert
Working with Daniel Herzberg’s Accelerated SAT Mastery Program helped me land the maximum 4 year scholarship available to Stanford.  I totally appreciate the expert instruction and support I received to achieve the highest score I could possibly achieve.

~ Jordan Ewert, Stanford, Class of 2019

Marcus Lee
Working with you helped me balance my busy basketball schedule, high school academics, and SAT prep. Though I got into UC Berkeley, I feel now like I’m living the dream playing NCAA D1 for my dream school. I had to pinch myself when I actually played in the final NCAA championship against U Conn in 2014. What a ride!

~Marcus Lee, University of Kentucky, Class of 2017

This really is an extraordinary program, with careful thought put into every step of the process to give your teen the maximum possible chances of boosting their SAT scores, and even helping them to grow up a little in the process. Before you know it, they will be heading off to college. When they do you’ll know that you really did do everything you could to help them achieve success in the next stage of their life’s journey. I invite you to consider the Accelerated SAT Mastery program. I always believe in over delivering, providing extraordinary value to the families I work with.

Remember, success starts early.


Daniel Herzberg,

Accelerated SAT Master Coach & Founder of Accelerated Education Academy

PS: Remember, success starts early.

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