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Many teens suffer from test anxiety and that anxiety can lead to low test scores, not to mention considerable drama around regular academic testing, homework, discussions about college, and the SAT/ACT.  At its core it can lead to and reinforce deep feelings of not being good enough to succeed.  Many feel their test anxiety is like a personal albatross they have to carry with them, and that sabotages their best efforts to show what they know.  Sound familiar?

The truth is there are predictable ways to manage and even overcome test anxiety. The problems usually come down to mastery of three things:

  1. Content
  2. Process
  3. Emotional Stuff

Many families assume that if a teen has test anxiety that the problem is mainly rooted in a deep and somewhat fixed emotional pattern, and so they start there, and try to address the emotional problems first.  While it’s true that some kids are more sensitive to stress and more prone to anxiety, I tend to address these in the order above.  I make sure they understand the actual content, then the test specific reasoning process.  After all, if kids don’t know those two things, it would set them up to be anxious for a test, since they would be objectively unprepared.  Oftentimes the problem boils down to improperly studying.

Once it’s clear they know the content and reasoning process it makes sense to address test anxiety head on.  My team and I have collectively over three decades of experience helping teens successfully manage and overcome test anxiety.  If you would like to determine whether or not your teen would benefit from coaching for test anxiety please contact us so we can determine the right way to move forward, and get your son or daughter the help they need to show up strongly on test day.

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