Study Skills and Time Management Coaching

Many teens lack the essential skills to manage themselves successfully in school. It often boils down to learning two critical skills:
• Learning to manage one’s own time.
• Learning to learn.

My experience has been that most teens either learn what they were supposed to learn when they were in middle school and actively maintain a planner, or they don’t. Most high schools do not focus on reinforcing student use of planners, and for many teens planner use tends to decline as they move through school. I’ve found this is one of the most critical things they should be learning in school, if not THE central lesson, since as they move along in life, their ability to manage their own time will determine how much freedom, control, and money they will have. People who manage their own time always have more of all three than those who don’t. Put more bluntly, those who manage their own time generally direct and manage those who don’t effectively manage their own time.

From 10th grade on, most teachers assume students have sufficient study skills to succeed. Colleges even further assume students enter with the proper skill set to study without being spoon fed information. The reality is that many students lack the fundamentals. For example, in Chemistry and Geometry most students are expected to read their books, do assigned problems, do additional problems to master the material, and come to class regularly with questions. And yet it’s the rare student who actually does all this. They tend to be the ones getting A’s. When I ask new students if they are doing these activities they often reveal that they aren’t. Kids who don’t do these basic activities are generally highly unlikely to get high grades in these subjects.

The challenge for most parents is that short of regularly nagging their kids (which often has the opposite effect) parents have no idea how to support their kids to do the right thing. I’ve helped thousands of kids to learn to manage themselves to succeed in school, and in the process helped many families break the dysfunctional pattern of student failure and parent frustration. If you would like to address whether or not your teen would benefit from coaching for study skills and time management please contact us so we can determine what would the best way for you to proceed, on your own, or with our support.

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