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Every student is unique and some families choose to hire expert coaching to ensure their children maximize their SAT scores.  As America’s Accelerated SAT Master Coach, with 22 years of experience working with over 7000 individual students, I have more hands on experience with SAT and ACT test prep than any other individual tutor in the US.  Many of my coaching students achieve ACT gains of 6+ points, with a few even over 13 points.  I take students through a customized but comprehensive, systematic, and highly efficient program designed to ensure that they ultimately test to their personal ceiling.  I do work with local students in Northern California in person, but the majority of my clients from around the world and internationally meet with me via Skype.

I generally recommend that students begin with the unique Accelerated SAT Mastery online program with coaching.  This self-paced program also includes office hours with me, group coaching, and personal coaching with my team to get the core SAT curriculum.  Teens that go through the online course can then make efficient use of their time and your dollars by then working with me for supplemental SAT coaching to address any individual needs to achieve advanced personal integration of the material if necessary.

In addition, once a child has completed SAT prep with me he or she can then do supplemental ACT prep coaching with me. This builds upon the foundation from the SAT prep, revealing the particular tweaks needed to translate what they learned there to the ACT.  While many strategies translate to the ACT, some don’t.  I cover everything in the program.

I wish I could say whether the SAT or the ACT is better, but time has proven to me that it’s not always clear until students have gotten deep into the prep process.  Since these tests carry so much weight in college admissions I generally recommend most teens take both, even if they only work with me on one of the two.  Most of the content and skills carry over, with the notable exception of the essay portion.

Some families choose to hire me from the beginning for standalone prep for the SAT and/or the ACT.

To help you sort out which approach is best for you I offer a complimentary 20 minute test prep and college admission strategy session.  My personal coaching availability is limited.  For more information about how to schedule that please go to Contact Us.

Standalone Coaching

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