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Help Your Teen to Raise His or Her SAT Score 300-600 Points
The Accelerated SAT Mastery Online System with Live Expert Coaching is a unique and unprecedented SAT prep program. It integrates the best of live SAT tutoring with the America’s SAT Master Coach with live office hours, as well as live individual and group coaching support. The result, of course, will depend on your child’s starting point and initiative, but students are coached to master the material to their own personal ceiling. Every effort is made to ensure your child owns the process and achieves the maximum possible gain.
SAT prep is a process that rewards diligence and discipline. The first stage is focused on being taught the right core content and strategies. The second one involves integration. It’s more open ended and varies for for every student. SAT students tend to improve until they hit a limit. That may be a plateau they can move beyond or it may be their personal testing ceiling. Beginning as early as possible makes it easier to integrate SAT test taking reasoning strategies and have sufficient time to reach that personal ceiling.
Natasha Hammond

Daniel helped me to get into my dream school. I’ve loved it. I’ve had an opportunity to expand my mind, move forward in my career, make amazing friends, and have a great time. When we started I didn’t even know what the SAT was but with Daniel’s help I nailed it.

-Natasha Hammond, UCLA Class of 2015

Avoid the Bag of Books Trap

Many parents think SAT prep programs are generally the same and sign their child up for the cheapest or closest program around. SAT prep program quality can vary widely. Many parents find out all too late that they wasted not just money but time and energy on classes that appear to provide value on the outside but that simply send kids home with a bag of heavy books. These classes force kids to sit through hours of lectures with rookie teachers who teach out of a manual. Parents cross their fingers and hope for the best. Given the stakes of the SAT for college admissions parents can’t afford to experiment with generic programs that prey on uninformed parents and teach to the lowest common denominator. Every student is unique and needs to have their particular learning needs addressed. Accelerated SAT Mastery does just this, engaging on multiple levels with every student to get maximum value and results. For more detailed information, click here.
Liliana Costanza

Before we started I hoped, but was doubtful, I would raise my scores 100 points. With your expert coaching, I raised my scores 420 points, and got into 8 of 11 schools I applied to. I’m glad I found someone I could really trust to teach me to master the material and test to my personal ceiling.

-Liliana Costanza, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Honors College, Class of 2016

A Structured SAT Prep Program Flexible Enough to Work Around Your Particular Goals and Timeline

While the Accelerated SAT Mastery program has six modules designed to be completed in six weeks, it can be completed in as short as two weeks with intensive study or as long as six months. If your child needs to take a break because of vacations, school, or other time commitments, the course can be paused and restarted easily. And if it seems like your child is lagging the course is designed to engage with them and get them going, both with live coaching and email reminders.

Thank you for assisting our son, Jacob, with SAT preparation. With high grades and an SAT score of 2160 he was able to gain admission to UC Berkeley, his top pick. My wife and I sincerely thank you for your efforts and the invaluable service you provide.

-Ramiro Morales, JD


I generally recommend you do both tests.  Prepping for the second exam…
The simple answer for that is yes.  While most schools consider your overall…

What We Offer

The Accelerated SAT Mastery System with Live Expert Coaching provides the best of live tutoring and online home study. Our structured, but flexible, approach teaches students everything they need to succeed and show up confident on test day able to achieve their highest possible score.

When To Prep?

Generally speaking, I would say you should start studying as soon as possible. Experience has consistently shown that teens who begin early do much better than those who wait. SAT prep involves not just learning strategies but overcoming test anxiety and having time for integration.

With your instruction in all aspects of SAT preparation, my son was able to go in and confidently take the test. The results speak for themselves. He got into 14 of 15 schools he applied to, including his reach school, UC Davis. With your help he identified and got into the perfect school, so he can double major in the exact areas to go forward in his career. It’s far enough away from home to have his freedom, but close enough for us all to stay in touch.

-Phyllis Mendel

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so they feel seen, heard, and understood.
It enables every student to achieve their maximum score.
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Real Success Stories

From Teens Across the Nation

Robert Bernal
With your help I raised my scores 620 points, which helped me get into my #1 pick for architectural engineering. You helped me also gain the skills and confidence to move across the US and attend college far from my family. Thanks for everything.
Robert Bernal

Class of 2017, Pennsylvania State University

Darian Surratt
With your help I was able to attain an SAT score in the top 1% and was offered full scholarships to both Brown and Dartmouth.
Darian Surratt

Class of 2016, Brown University

Marcus Lee
Working with you helped me balance my busy basketball schedule, high school academics, and SAT prep. Though I got into UC Berkeley, I feel now like I’m living the dream playing NCAA D1 for my dream school. I had to pinch myself when I actually played in the final NCAA championship against U Conn in 2014. What a ride!
Marcus Lee

Class of 2017, University of Kentucky

Jordan Ewert
Working with Daniel Herzberg’s Accelerated SAT Mastery Program helped me land the maximum 4 year scholarship available to Stanford.  I totally appreciate the expert instruction and support I received to achieve the highest score I could possibly achieve.
Jordan Ewert

Class of 2019, Stanford University


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